CPD Approved Training For: Residential and Commercial Property Agents and Managers


Illicit Drugs - Identification, Awareness, Safety and Management Strategies for Real Estate and Property Management Professionals (CPD approved WA).


All residential and commercial property agents, managers, property and rental inspectors and licensees.


1 Day

Course Description:

This unique and engaging CPD approved training (7 CPD points) is presented by two of Australia's most recognised illicit drug and drug manufacture experts with more than 40 years combined operational and hands-on experience in illicit drugs, drug contamination, clandestine drug manufacture, forensics and law enforcement.

There is no doubt that the prevalence of illicit drugs, the smoking of ice and the issue of drug contamination, and the hazards that these activities pose within residential and rental properties is an ever-growing issue for the real estate industry. However, this issue and the risks posed can often be misrepresented by information which is not based on any scientific fact, knowledge or evidence.

This highly engaging training is both practical and evidence based as well as candid, and has never before been available to Real Estate or Property Management professionals.

This training has been specifically developed to assist Real Estate Agents and Property Managers and Inspectors in identifying potential illicit drug activity within properties which they manage or inspect, to equip them with the knowledge to understand and identify actual risk, vs perceived risk, and how to manage these risks to protect themselves, co-workers, their agencies, owners and tenants in the most efficient and evidence based manner. 

Learning Outcomes:

The training will provide participants with a professional understanding of illicit drugs, drug use including the property related impacts from the smoking of ice, drug contamination generally, the clandestine manufacture of illicit drugs, the chemicals and equipment involved and the associated physical and chemical hazards. As well as assisting in identifying these illicit activities, this course will also develop participants knowledge of basic safety measures required to maintain a safe working environment when encountering illicit drug contaminated properties, and how to manage these issues if they are advised or suspect that one of their properties may be impacted. The training will also develop an understanding of the legislative and legal implications for property owners and managers including in relation to the 'Real estate and business agents and sales representatives code of conduct 2016', and will also examine common law and case law examples related to material disclosure.