Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries


Pharmaceutical and Chemical Diversion


Restricted to Pharmacists, Compounding Chemists, Pharmaceutical Agents, Chemical Manufacturing and Supply Companies.


1 Day

Course Description:

This course offers a professional development opportunity which aims to provide participants with a ground up understanding of the nature and extent of pharmaceutical, chemical and equipment diversion into illicit drug manufacture. This course is generally customised to suite either a pharmaceutical or chemical industry audience.

Participant knowledge of illicit drug manufacture and diversion is developed from a basic to an advanced level by examining illicit drug manufacture methods and activities and the role of, and demand for, pharmaceutical and chemical precursors as well as critical equipment used in specific drug manufacture processes. The course will also examine several methods used by organised crime for diversion of these resources from legitimate supply sources.

The course examines contemporary trends, both domestic and international, in drug use and drug manufacture, as well as examining emerging and potential future synthetic drug manufacture trends, including in relation to synthetic opioids such as Fentanyl and its analogues, in the context of future diversion pressures and vulnerabilities.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will build on their professional knowledge and build a greater understanding of illicit drug manufacture methods, priority pharmaceuticals, precursor, reagent and catalyst chemicals used in illicit drug manufacture, process related equipment as well as emerging trends in relation to synthetic drug manufacture and diversion.