Federal, State and Local Government Officers


Illicit Drugs and Drug Contamination - Fundamentals for Government Officers


Open to all State and Federal Government Agencies and Officers performing roles under their enabling legislation which relate to, or cross over, the issue of illicit drugs. This may include regulatory assessment or management, investigation and/or intelligence, managing public health risk, development of operational or strategic policy as well as communications and arrange of other Government Officer roles.


1-2 Days (subject to Agency requirements or learning objectives)

Course Description:

Managing illicit drugs represents a wide range of challenges which cross many different Government portfolios and legislative responsibilities, from law enforcement and intelligence functions through to public health, judiciary, public policy as well as family's, community safety and child protection, emergency response, health and mental health services.

This course is designed specifically for State and Federal Government Officers and staff and is tailored to suite the specific strategic or operational needs of the audience to whom it is being delivered. The course provides a candid and engaging insight into the world of illicit drugs and their intersection with a variety of Government roles and responsibilities.

Developed and presented by subject matter experts, this course has been designed to build participant knowledge in a range of core illicit drug related subject matter areas including illicit drugs (generally), illicit drug manufacture, trafficking, supply and use, physical and chemical hazards, basic toxicological profiling, risk characterisations, critical assessment of reporting, regulatory management, applications of statutory powers, and interdiction strategies depending upon to specific strategic or operational role of the audience.

This course is highly flexible and can be tailored to meeting the educational needs of the Agency or audience. This can include additional subject matter areas to suite Agency requirements including, but not limited to:

  • the global illicit drug market,
  • drug trafficking routes,
  • narcoterrorism,
  • Safe handling, management and disposal of drug and chemical seizures in remote environments,
  • organised crime,
  • criminal economies,
  • domestic supply,
  • domestic drug manufacture,
  • emergence of new synthetic drugs including synthetic opioids (Fentanyl's)
  • critical assessment of drug contamination and reporting,
  • development of public policy related to illicit drugs and drug contamination,
  • use of intelligence, supply and trend indicators,
  • chemical and pharmaceutical diversion,
  • illicit drug education for ED and health professional,

Learning Outcomes:

Participants with gain a factual and detailed understanding of illicit drugs and the range of issues they present, as well as the underlying science behind illicit drugs in a simple, practical format. The course will build participant knowledge in the specialist field of illicit drugs with a focus on evidence-based decision making and the specific strategic or operational needs of the audience. The course will build on existing professional knowledge, drawing on both participant and presenters experience in an interactive and engaging learning experience.