Federal State and Local Government Officers


Illicit Drugs - Awareness, Identification and Safety


State or Local Government Staff, Waste management, waste collection and landfill operations staff, Parks and Reserves maintenance staff, Facilities and engineering maintenance staff.


1 Day

Course Description:

This is a condensed intensive one-day training course which will provide participants with a foundational understanding and awareness of illicit drugs, the clandestine manufacture of illicit drugs, the chemicals and equipment involved and the associated physical and chemical hazards. This course will also focus on basic visual identification of chemicals and equipment associated with illicit drug manufacture and develop participants knowledge of basic safety measures required to maintain a safe working environment when encountering or directly working in an illicit drug related or contaminated post crime-scene environment or clandestine drug laboratory.

This course will additionally provide a significant focus on the identification of potentially hazardous chemicals, equipment and wastes associated with illicit drug manufacture which may be deposited at waste transfer stations, placed for verge-side collection, dumped on Local Government land parks or reserves or abandoned within Local Government facilities or buildings.

This course will also examine and expand on safety precautions required to maintain a safe working environment where the potential exists for encountering illicit drug related chemicals, equipment or waste.

Learning Outcomes:

Increased awareness of illicit drug related chemicals and equipment and the ability to identify and manage potentially hazardous drug related chemicals, equipment or waste. Participants will also develop their knowledge of basic safe working practices to minimise physical and exposure risk associated with encountering illicit drug or chemical contaminated materials or waste.