Environmental and Hygiene Professionals


Illicit Drugs and Drug Contamination - Fundamentals for Environmental and Hygiene Professionals


Qualified environmental or industrial hygiene professionals including consultants and (qualified) forensic testing providers.


2 Day

Course Description:

This course offers a candid and engaging insight into the world of illicit drugs and the complex public health, hygiene and safety issues they create, providing a professional development opportunity rarely seen outside of forensic science and law enforcement in Australia.

Developed and presented by subject matter, national and internationally recognised experts, this course forms part of the Chemical Operations Group's "Fundamentals" training courses. This course has been developed specifically for Environmental and Hygiene professionals with an assumed knowledge level of an undergraduate degree in science, chemistry, public health, hygiene, toxicology or a related discipline.

This course is designed to build on existing professional knowledge and to further support Environmental and Hygiene professionals in assessing and managing illicit drug and drug contaminated environments. The course aims to provide participants with a factual and detailed understanding of the underlying science behind illicit drugs and drug contamination in a simple, practical and engaging format. The course will build participant knowledge in the specialist field of illicit drugs and drug contamination, covering not only common drugs of abuse, such as meth and the smoking of ice, but also examining new emerging drugs including synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, and their implication on public health, community safety and contamination. The course will also cover a range of related subjects from the technical, such as hazard identification and risk characterisation, through to planning and managing the assessment and remediation of illicit drug contaminated environments, including entry procedures, supervisory roles, development and critical assessment of sampling and analysis plans and reporting on illicit drug contamination assessment and remediation works.

Learning Outcomes:

This course is designed to build participant knowledge of illicit drugs and drug contamination and to develop their understanding of both the underlying chemical processes and toxicological principals to allow them to make informed risk-based decisions when assessing, managing or reporting on illicit drug contamination or remediation. The course is also designed to build a detailed understanding of the physical and chemical safety issues associated with illicit drugs more broadly and the appropriate protection strategies to manage or mitigate exposure risk.